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👋 Hey Tutor!

I get messages like these everyday 👇

⚠️ "I don't know how much I should be charging"

⚠️ I'm scared to increase my prices"...

⚠️"I feel guilty about increasing my prices"...

⚠️ "If I increase my prices, my students will leave me"...

⚠️ "I like my students so I feel bad increasing my prices"...

Hands up if these thoughts have ever crossed your mind before? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

You're not alone! 

But what if I told you that you can:

👉 finally charge a tutoring price that excites you? 

👉 charge a higher price and STILL have your existing students happy to pay you?

👉 Better yet, what if even MORE students wanted you to be their tutor ?

If you're thinking, Lisa - that's crazy!

It's not. 

I've increasing tutoring prices year after year (from $25 to $100+/hr), and I've helped my clients do so too. 

Here's Fibi, who increased her prices by 50% leading her to charge $120 per hour:

And also Sujin, and Praveen who increased their prices:
It’s time to stop wondering how other tutors are charging way more than you.

It's time to start charging your worth - something that lights you up with motivation, earn more money, and finally have a stable income for your dream part-time or full-time tutoring business...

Here's the thing...

I'm going to spill the beans by revealing the pricing strategy I implemented when I was just 19 that enabled me to earn over $1000 each week (that's $52,000/year - more than the average income for a new university graduate). 

And here's the best part: It doesn't require a ton of your time, thousands of dollars or any sales experience.

Keep scrolling to get the juicy tea...

From the home office of your fellow tutoring business owner, Lisa Tran, Founder of Tutorboss.
You're ready to get the powerful and proven strategy that will make monetizing and growing your tutoring business a reality ✨...

I can honestly tell you that it IS possible to crush your money goals, work fewer hours, maintain your sleep schedule, sanity & NOT have to feel completely clueless while wondering how everyone else is killing it.
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You're getting powerful formulas, cheat sheets, & video courses as a one-time package deal.

FINALLY, all the pieces on how to grow your tutoring business profit and generate a REAL income that enables you to live the ✨dream life✨ you wanted for yourself when you first started your tutoring business. In the right hands, this is "life changing."

This bundle goes beyond the beginner information I provide in my free YouTube videos online...

It's also TUTORING-specific, unlike the generic 'pricing' strategies on Google....

No - I’m giving you scripts & methods that will catapult your tutoring into a truly income-thriving, sustainable and stable business! 💸 HECK YES!
“But Lisa, how do I know that this actually works?”

These are THE SAME formula & trainings my clients use! (aka the same ones I share with people who pay me in the '000's)....
& the results show for themselves.

My students are KILLIN' it. In fact, The Study Hub made an extra 10K within 3 months: 
So, if you want to learn the tried & proven strategies on how to start charging how much you're ACTUALLY worth without all the guilt, fear and uncertainty, for just the price of a dinner for two, then THIS BUNDLE IS FOR YOU.

I can't think of a single reason why this wouldn't work for you.
"Working with Lisa was the best investment I could have made for my tutoring business. I've gained 3 new long term clients at my new $75/hr rate - which is a salary increase of almost $400 a week! She helped me see problems that I didn't even know I had, but she also had incredible foresight in knowing what problems would arise. Lisa is just an incredibly enthusiastic and wonderful person to work with personally! GIRL BOSS."
- Sujin Kim
Let's Meet - I'm Lisa!
Let me introduce myself. Hi! I'm Lisa 🥰 

I started tutoring when I was 18. Like many of you, I had no prior teaching experience, but I had a passion for sharing my knowledge and helping students. 

1 year later, I was tutoring 26 weekly students and I was making over $1000 each week (that’s $52,000/year - more than the average income for a new uni graduate). All this while balancing my pharmacy university degree and a social life - YES, I did it all!

I eventually quit my pharmacy career to pursue tutoring full-time because:
• it was incredibly rewarding helping students achieve their goals
• I could dictate my own work schedule (~16 hours per week, preferring evenings)
• I could decide and charge my own $ hourly tutoring rate (unlike in pharmacy)
• I was making more money as a tutor than as a pharmacist (insane, I know!)

5 years later, I've turned my private tutoring into a thriving business (Lisa's Study Guides) with over 35 tutors, 200+ students, and have generated over $2 million in revenue.

I've walked the talk. 

And now, I'm helping other tutoring business owners grow their income so they can pursue tutoring part-time or even full-time, lead more meaningful lives, and have build freedom into their lies.

The scripts, swipe files and trainings in Double Your Tutoring Profit in 30 Days Roadmap Bundle are the exact scripts & trainings my clients use to up level their business 💸

So, what do you say - want me to help you inject serious money into your business?
(they're all yours to model and copy!)
(Value $129)
'Know Your Worth' Pricing Formula gives you a proven step-by-step instructions on how you can discover your worth in the tutoring market. Top tutors are using these to explode your income. It often means you can work less but earn more.
This formula takes all the guesswork & confusion out of your pricing.
Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, if you want to increase your prices TODAY, this formula will work for you.
(Value $129)
The MOST important takeaway here is that YOU are NOT your business. This means you need to do what it takes to separate yourself from the business so that you can make decisions for it so it can be not only healthy but THRIVE. 

This exercise will shed light on conscious and subconscious thoughts you have about money. The aim is to clear the thoughts which will hold you back so that you can confidently increase your prices. If you ain't confident with your prices, you'll sabotage yourself by discounting your services unnecessarily. We don't want that. 

Once you've finished this lesson, you'll be going to customers with more clarity than ever before. When you are confident in your prices, your customers are more confident in YOU.
(Value $49)

At this stage in the program, you will have a clearer understanding of the mental barriers that have been holding you back.

However, it's important to recognize that these mental blocks won't simply vanish because you've challenged them once on paper. You'll need constant internal check-ins with yourself to break your old modes of thinking. 

To show you that you are not alone, I've created the Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs Repository to showcase to you the most common limiting beliefs I've encountered with my past clients, accompanied by counterarguments to challenge and reframe these thoughts. Many of these same clients have gone on to DOUBLE or more their income in their tutoring business, so I'm confident the same will happen for you.
(Value $119)
Should you tutor in-person or online?

Should you tutor 1:1 or in groups? How many people per group?

How much do you charge based on these different scenarios?

To build a successful business truly of your design, you need to know which business models will work for you for the long-term. This is how you build a sustainable business that doesn't burn you out.

What model you choose ultimately impacts how much INCOME you can make in your business.
(Value $199)
Once you 'Know Your Worth', and implement your new prices, you're not yet done 😝 

Price increases are a natural evolution of business.
These step-by-step video instructions will show you how can charge ✨PREMIUM✨ tutoring prices which will have new leads asking, 'wow, she charges that much for tutoring AND she's got so many students? She must be good.'

I've made $2,000,000+ revenue in the tutoring space. So, some people might say I know a thing or two about this topic 😉
(Value $199)
The arguably scariest bit is finally here - telling your customers your FRESH new prices.

There's a right way to announce price increases so you minimise backlash, complaints or worse - losing your customers.

I give you my template on how to discuss your price increase with confidence, how to deal follow up questions & objections, and how to negotiate if your customers complain about your pricing.

TOTAL VALUE: $775.00
YOU PAY = $97
“I’m in! What’s next?”
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It filters out the freebie seekers because I want to help tutors who are SERIOUS about growing their business, who want to achieve what they once thought was ‘unachievable.’ 

I’m just cool like that 😉. I look after my friends and I know we’ll be great friends.

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    P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here’s the deal:
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    • Maxing Our Your Market Potential ($199 Value)
    • How To Increase Your Prices (Without Backlash) ($199 Value)
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